PIcture This

I love old music documentaries.

This week’s featured Blondie. Picture This is a beautiful song.

All I want is a room with a view
A sight worth seeing, a vision of you
All I want is a room with a view, oh-oh
I will give you my finest hour
The one I spent watching you shower
I will give you my finest hour, oh yeah

All I want is a photo in my wallet
A small remembrance of something more solid
All I want is a picture of you

Quite a few times this week I’ve wandered through the chords for Picture This; with a family member I watched a documentary about Blondie, with Debbie Harry telling tales about having sex in the alley at CBGB’s, or her adventures as a young woman in the sixties, doing the US equivalent of dogging. Step back from the words of Picture This; picture the scene, a woman watching the man she desires shower, and I am transfixed by the accuracy of the description of something I have experienced.


An atheist prays

If you are as deserving of her love, as she is of yours,You will hear my prayer.

If you will have faith in her, as she has in you, You will respect her choices.

If you care for her peace of mind, as she seeks to be an agent of your peace, You will hear my prayer.

Give me the patience to share her patience, to love her calmness and share her silence.

Give me the strength to enjoy her wisdom, and the wisdom to see her strength.

Help me love her, as she loves you, and you will be deserving of my love.