Stopped in traffic

Stationary in traffic on the A1

I was trying not to smile as a mediator

Lost her rag over the way the mobile network kept

Dropping the call, and suddenly

The scent of my lover was around me in the car, a

Tangible reminder that I’d dressedand left her

Smiling the head on one side smile that speaks of

Summer days when the thunder has moved on.

I wondered where the scent had come from, and

Could only imagine it had sprung from within me

The way her shiver and smile can

Transform a touch on her hip as we gaze out across the

Limitless landscape as if her erotic charge is a

Power that lives within her until summoned.

Sitting there, in traffic, I remembered how the endless plateau

Had been our cathedral and her smile had been the

Daylight through windows.

In the traffic I let the angry mediator wash over me

And thought about my friend, who

Makes love like a woman,

Breaks like a little girl, and

Makes me feel whole.


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