Foy Vance

When I first saw him he was

Marooned on a darkened stage cluttered with the main act’s equipment

Unflustered, he picked at his guitar and stories flowed through each song

Until the one where he told a perfect vignette of lives unknown and I

Recognized the chorus as if its skipping rhythm, damaged characters and

Hammered on chords had always been inside me.

That moment, that perfectly captured cinemascope narrative

Was an affirmation that the voices in my head, the

Elevator pitches for films that would never be made were just

Exhaust vents for the humanity I live amongst, the

Infinity of choices that were my past,my future and not just my

Uncertain grip on the present.

That song, that moment of community in a crowd killing time

Waiting for the main event is a waymarker in my mind, a

Reminder of love and beauty amongst the mist.


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